Hi, I’m Andrew Armstrong. You can call me Ace.

I’m a bit obsessed with user experience.

From responsive front-end development to back-end magic & from graphic design to full-fledged video game production.

I’m a jack-of-all-UX-trades, master-of-some.

Here are some projects I’ve worked on.

  • EZ-EV - ez-ev.com

    Working with teams at Bionic and Exelon Energy, I lead the front-end development of this Ruby on Rails project through its many iterations, collaborating with the product designer and back-end developer throughout the process. With a streamlined car shopping experience with dealership-specific deals, to profile management and an automated EV-Bot, Ez-Ev is a one-stop site for finding your perfect electric vehicle.

  • UWorld - uworld.gg-ma.de

    UWorld specializes in creating practice questions for licensing exams for doctors and nurses. After assisting with the initial designs, I developed this website with core functionalities as well as designed the animated interactions to hand-off to UWorld’s in-house back-end development team. The site features a variety of pages including a clean front page, product pages, forums, and a full shopping process.

  • Job-Dox - job-dox.com

    A similar workflow was established for this project management software product website. Additionally, I redesigned the front-end of the Job-Dox mobile app from the ground up, following the new brand guidelines we established.

  • Association of Biblical Counselors - christiancounseling.com

    Migrating the large existing user database from an outdated Drupal CMS to a fresh Wordpress CMS was an incredibly tricky process, but I successfully completed it. Through the development I was able to create many custom page templates for Wordpress that the staff at ABC were able to create responsive good-looking content with ease.

  • Fermenter Games - fermentergames.com

    Fermenter is my independent video games production studio of which I’m the sole owner and developer. Everything is completely self-funded, self-produced, and self-published. I’ve launched many titles on Steam, Apple App Store, Google Play Store, as well as on the Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Playstation 4 marketplaces.

  • MyHomeTeamPro - (now known as Springboard)

    Working with the team at Bionic, I lead the front-end development of this CakePHP project through its many iterations, collaborating with the product designer and back-end developer throughout the process.

  • Bionic Solution - bionicsolution.com

    I completed the front-end development of Bionic’s “homepage” site, implementing multiple HTML5 video backgrounds, and integrating with their job openings system.

  • Signet Art - signetart.com

    I completed this redesign, migration, and front-end development with new brand guidelines created by our team at Ground Glass. This site includes a library of 1000+ Artist Signatures